Tree Survey - BS 5837


 A BS5837 Tree Survey involves the collection of tree measurements and other tree data for the creation of plans and reports for use in the design and planning process; This ranges from singe house-extensions to large development sites.

This type of tree survey uses the British Standard BS 5837:2012 as a guide. This is the framework used by planning departments to assess whether trees are worthy of protection/or whether their removal is appropriate.

BS5837 Tree Survey

For our BS5837 Tree Surveys, we record data such as: the tree’s species, canopy dimensions (height and spread), trunk diameter, life stage, and observations on its condition and management history.

Furthermore, we categorise the tree using an updated variation of the BS5837 categorisation method. For this, each tree is assigned a categorisation of either "A", "B", "C" or "U", depending on the tree's overall arboricultural and amenity value . This system quantifies, what is in fact, a complicated assessment utilising years of arboricultural knowledge and experience, into a simple notation for use by ourselves and the planning department.


Using the data we collect during the Tree Survey, we are then able to produce a Tree Constraints Plan to assist your projects design team producing a suitable development layout.

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