Soft Landscaping Schemes

Tailored to meet the ever-increasing demands of local planning departments, including improving biodiversity, carbon offsetting, and urban plantings.

Competitive Pricing

We utilise modern surveying techniques and the expertise of our in-house CAD team to reach a high level of efficiency.

Fast Lead Time

We work to tight timescales, to avoid projects stalling; often within 10 days of receiving instruction.

Where You Need Us

We provide landscaping schemes and management plans for planning permission to clients nationwide.

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Ligna Consultancy is experienced in the design of soft landscaping schemes on behalf of developers and architects.

We specialise in two key areas; The design of low cost, low maintenance schemes, with the discharge of planning conditions being the primary aim; and the design of complex tree planting schemes, including the specification of irrigation systems, aeration systems, and the selection of appropriate underground infrastructure such as structural cells and soils. As well as creating plans without the need of design input from the client, we are also able to work closely with other members of the design team so that we can develop a scheme in line with their vision. Please contact us for more information…

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