Tree Surveys & Inspections

Guiding you through tree-related concerns, present and future.

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We understand that knowing what kind of tree survey you need can be confusing. That’s why at Ligna, we’ve simplified the process for you.
Just let us know why and where you need a survey, and we will get back to you within 24h with a quote.

 What type of tree survey do I need?

There are several types of tree survey depending on your requirements.
Whether you want to make sure your trees are safe, are worried about trees causing damage to your home, or need help with applying for the cutting of a TPO tree, we can help.

Mortgage & Insurance Report

Speedy surveys to keep your home purchase on track while providing peace of mind.

Tree Condition Survey

Ensuring your trees are safe and maintained correctly and making sure you understand your legal obligations.

Tree Survey for Planning Permission

BS5837 Tree Surveys and Reports to support your planning application and avoid costly delays.

Detailed Tree Inspections & TPO Applications

Worried about the health or safety of a large tree in yours or a neigbours garden?

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