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Following the completion of the Tree Survey, we will produce a Tree Constraints Plan. This provides the project's design team with an objective assessment of the surrounding trees, highlighting any constraints to development that they may present.

This will in effect provide the design team with an obviously ‘developable area’, free from non-rectifiable tree constraints and planning complications.

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Our Tree Constraints Plans, produced with the assistance of our certified CAD technicians, will provide a visual representation of any trees which restrict the development potential of the site. This doesn't necessarily mean that development cannot take place near to the tree; instead, it allows us to highlight any specialist measures which will be required.

For trees of a lower standard, we identify their canopies with a dashed outline, and those which we feel should be removed will be displayed in red.
Along with the Tree Constraints Plan, we will provide the design team with a schedule of the trees present on site. This will include information on whether a tree is a material constraint and our recommendation as to whether the tree should be removed or retained.
Through using these documents during the initial design process, the chances of obtaining planning permission on the first attempt are greatly multiplied.

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