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An Arboricultural Method Statement is a document which describes the methodology behind the protection of a development site’s trees during construction. The method statement is usually accompanied by a Tree Protection Plan (TPP). These documents build upon the tree protection methods previously outlined in the project’s Arboricultural Impact Assessment.

The time at which the these documents are required varies between projects and local planning departments. Our preferred approach is to submit the Arboricultural Method Statement and Tree Protection Plan along with the Arboricultural Impact Assessment. This way, a clear message is sent to the planners, that the protection of the site’s retained trees is considered a high priority. We feel that this gives a good impression to the planning officers and any concerned locals; therefore improving the chances of planning acceptance first time around.

Arboricultural Method Statement

The aim of an Arboricultural Method Statement is to provide a detailed and implementable methodology for construction activities within a close proximity to any trees selected for retention.

The methods described vary from the installation of piled foundations within root protection areas (RPAs), to the erection of barriers to prevent construction traffic from entering arboricultural sensitive areas of the site.
Sometimes, as part of the method statement, arboricultural supervision may be required. This is usually only required for construction works within an RPA and involves one of our consultants instructing the workers on how to undertake their task in the least harmful way possible.

Tree Protection Plan

A Tree Protection Plan is a visual accompaniment to the Arboricultural Method Statement; it depicts the location and extent of the specified measures.

It gives clear measurements to aid those erecting tree protection barriers, and also provides details on ground protection, no-dig zones, and areas where specialist foundations are required.
Our Tree Protection Plans are produced by our in-house, AutoCAD certificated CAD technicians. This ensures that our plans are, both, visually appealing and accurate.

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